Blue-Ribbon Success; Industrial Garnet Mine Reaches Full-Scale Operations—A First of its Kind in 20 Years

Idaho State Gold Company and GMA Garnet Group meet at GUSA

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Idaho State Gold Company (ISGC) awakens garnet mine in Montana to full-scale mining operations and a promising sustainable future. Garnet USA (GUSA), is an industrial hard rock garnet mine site located in Alder, Montana. Before 2012 the GUSA property lay dormant, up until Idaho State Gold Company asserted ownership in the project. In just short of two years, ISGC did the seemingly impossible–fully funded, permitted and brought the garnet mine into production. This feat is the first of its kind in 20 years. ISGC has turned Garnet USA into a success while improving regional productivity and job creation in the State of Montana. Idaho State Gold Company CEO, Sima Muroff, stated, “We are excited to be generating a project that creates sustainable long term jobs for the State of Montana and Madison County.”

With a working mine life of over 40 years, Garnet USA is assured to remain a success. However, If it wasn’t for the determination and hard work of the Idaho State Gold Company Staff, the GUSA project would have remained unrealized. Greg Hildebrand, Environmental Permitting Manager for ISGC had this to say about the garnet project, “It’s gratifying to see the hard work of ISGC be rewarded with the publication of the Final EIS and associated Record of Decision.” Garnet USA would have never been awarded an operating permit if not for the EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) and ROD (Record of Decision). These two permits were issued by Montana Department of Environmental Quality.

Earlier in the year, Idaho State Gold Company closed a 225 million dollar joint venture with GMA Garnet Group in the Garnet USA mine (1). GMA Garnet Group, based in Perth, Australia is one of the world’s leaders in industrial garnet production and distribution. GMA obtains abundant knowledge within the global abrasives industry and is handling all mining operations for Garnet USA.

Idaho State Gold Company, based in Boise, Idaho, is a small team of individuals with an attention to promotion of economic growth, improved regional productivity and job creation. Through a combined effort of ISGC and GMA Garnet Group, Garnet USA is currently producing abrasives for blasting media worldwide on a daily basis. ISGC plans to re-use their model of success throughout other mining ventures in the states of Montana and Idaho. Idaho State Gold Company CEO, Sima Muroff quotes, “we will invest, build, and permit significant mines in our region to create sustainable jobs and generate high value through robust returns and cash flow.”

1. Garnet USA Closes $225 Million JV with GMA Garnet Group in the industrial Garnet Mine Located in Alder, MT.

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